York Regional Police recover $1.65M of vehicles, goods in cargo theft bust

Police in southern Ontario’s York Region arrested and charged four men accused of stealing loads from tractor-trailers and selling the freight.

Investigators recovered $1.65 million worth of vehicles and goods in Project Copperhead, an investigation into cargo thefts throughout York Region as well as the Greater Toronto Area.

Cargo theft
(Photo: iStock)

In December 2022, Project Copperhead was launched to investigate trailer thefts where high-value cargo loads were targeted to then be sold off for large profits. “In most cases, to carry out these thefts, other tractors, trailers and vehicles are often stolen first just to facilitate the operation of moving the cargo and storing it,” York Regional Police said in a news release.

18 charges laid

During the investigation, several parties were identified as being involved in the thefts of the cargo as well as trafficking the stolen goods. As a result, five search warrants were executed. Items recovered included eight stolen tractor-trailers as well as six full cargo loads and other vehicles.

The four suspects from Vaughan, Brampton, Toronto and Mississauga face 18 criminal charges in relation to the organized theft and trafficking of cargo, including trafficking in stolen goods over $5,000, possession of property obtained by crime over $5,000, and identity theft.

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