Trucks tally titles among Guinness World Records

The Guinness World Records database contains more than 40,000 records. And while the list includes different people and organizations worldwide, trucks and the trucking industry are certainly well represented.

The record-breaking titles are not that easy to get. Applicants have to follow strict protocols while collecting thorough evidence and proof of any attempt, which will later be examined by the Guinness records management team.

BrightDrop EV
The BrightDrop EV set a record after traveling the trip from New York City to Washinton, D.C., on a single charge. (Photo: General Motors)

Here are several that caught our attention:

Parking and jumping

Zhang Hua’s record sets an example for drivers who complain about tight parking – and not just truckers. In 2012, Hua was able to park his tractor in a spot with just 90 centimeters (2 feet, 11.43 inches) around it, breaking the record for the tightest parallel parking.

Two years later, another trucking record was broken in China. Zhang Haiou completed the longest ramp jump by a straight truck, leaping 26 meters (85 feet, 3.62 inches). Two drivers from the U.S. have set similar records, but with tractors and trailers. The same year, in 2014, Mike Ryan jumped more than 25 meters (83 feet, 7 inches) with a truck and trailer, while a year later Gregg Godfrey’s truck cab jumped more than 50 meters (166 feet) off a ramp in Montana.

Oldest licence holder

One British truck driver earned a record after a half-century career behind the wheel.

Jack Fisher, born on Jan. 23, 1933, became the world’s oldest Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) licence holder last year. Fisher spent 50 years of his life running a haulage business, GL & EJ Fisher Ltd, together with his brother.

Fast and blindfolded

Mike Newman achieved a record-setting speed while driving a truck blindfolded.

Newman, who is blind, drove a five-tonne MAN truck with an 11,000 bhp engine 192.63 km/h at Elvington Airfield, in York, U.K. He also holds Guinness records for the fastest speeds by a car and boat while driven blindfolded.

Autonomous tech

Autonomous trucks have also caught the attention of Guinness judges.

American engineers and computer scientists from Carnegie Mellon University, for example, set a record for the largest automated truck in 2008. The truck weighed 700 tons and can carry 240-ton loads in mining operations.

And due to Ottomotto LLC and Matt Grigsby, the world knows autonomous trucks will be capable of traveling long distances.

In October 2016, the longest continuous journey by a driverless truck was recorded in Colorado. The tractor-trailer completed a 212.433 km trip from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins.

Joel Jovine
3-year-old Joel Jovine reacts while unboxing a real-world Volvo truck. (File photo)

A big unboxing

Volvo Trucks North America broke the record for the largest object unboxed. The Volvo VNL, presented in 2017, was encapsulated inside an 80x14x18-inch box.

The box made of cardboard and cellophane was opened manually without any tools, and was not damaged during or after the unboxing. That led to the record.

Truck lover Joel Jovine, a three-year-old resident of Pennsylvania, opened the box at the presentation. He was shocked to see such a grand-scale toy truck box waiting for him to be opened, Guinness reported.

Biggest truck parade

In November 2020, Tahya Misr Fund broke the biggest truck parade record, previously achieved in the Netherlands.

The record-setting parade consisted of 480 trucks and was organized in Cairo, Egypt. The 7.5 km-long line included 64 more trucks than the Netherlands’ parade in 2004.

“As per Guinness World Records guidelines, each truck consisted of a tractor, with an unladen weight of at least 3.5 metric tonnes, that pulled a trailer behind it. The parade route was over two miles long and took place on a closed road,” a related press release said.

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