Trucking HR Canada gets $2.6M to train new young workers

Trucking HR Canada (THRC) has secured $2.6 million in new funding that will support the training and onboarding of more than 200 new young workers to the sector, an official told

Funded through the federal government’s Youth Employment Skills Strategy (YESS), the new injection of money will support employers with driver training and onboarding incentives.

(File photo: Leo Barros)

YESS provides up to $10,000 for driver training and $10,000 in wage incentives for both driving and non-driving roles, the official said. Eligible new hires must be under 31 years of age.

“This new injection of funding from the Youth Employment Skills Strategy is important funding for the sector,” THRC CEO Angela Splinter said in a news release. “Attracting and recruiting more young people to the vast array of jobs we offer is a key HR priority, and this program provides needed support to employers to help do just that.”

Investing in the next generation

THRC’s labor market information shows that 27% of the workforce is 55 or older, making looming retirements a significant risk. Only 8.1% of the workforce is 25 years or younger, highlighting the need to invest in the next generation of workers.

Labor shortages are not isolated to transport truck drivers, with shortages observed in occupations like shippers and receivers, dispatchers, and delivery and courier service drivers.

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