Trucking executive outlook: Rob Penner, Bison Transport

As 2022 comes to an end, reached out to several trucking industry executives to ask about the biggest challenge their fleets will face in the coming year, and how they plan to address these issues.

In this instalment, Bison Transport CEO Rob Penner offers his insights.

Rob Penner
Rob Penner (Photo: Bison Transport)

Q1: What is the single greatest challenge that your business will face in 2023?

External cost pressures.

Q2: What steps are you taking to address that challenge?

[Bison Transport will] focus on sharing the story of those cost pressures with our customers, so that they understand it and buy into our strategy to minimize the impacts of those costs by taking waste out. That’s also known as clearly establishing who are partners are and distinguishing them from those who are just users of our services.

[We’ll] focus on driving efficiency and productivity with our clients to minimize the impact of these cost pressures and deliver the best value to our business partners.

And continue to focus our growth in areas it makes sense – ie. markets where we can be competitive and where we may not be facing the same rapidly escalating cost pressures, such as the U.S. versus Canada.

Bison Transport
Bison Transport (Photo: Supplied)

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