Truck arrivals fall for a third consecutive week

OTTAWA, Ont. – The week of Sept. 21-27 saw a 3% drop in the number truck drivers arriving in the country, the Canada Borders Services Agency (CBSA) said Tuesday.

It said 114,270 truckers entered the country during that week, down from 117,534 in the comparable period a year ago.

Truck Arrivals
There has been an 83% drop in land border crossings. (Source: CBSA)

It is the third consecutive weekly fall since a 7% rise in arrivals during Aug. 31-Sept. 6.

Overall volumes during Sept. 21-27 were down 83% for those crossing via land, and 93% through airports, compared to the same time a year ago, the CBSA said.

These numbers are consistent with the previous week, it added.

Canada and the U.S. have agreed to keep the border closed to all non-essential travel until Oct. 21 to slow the spread of Covid-19.

The restrictions, first introduced in late March, are not applicable to commercial vehicles.

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