Speeding main infraction during Operation Safe Driver Week

Enforcement agencies in Canada issued 276 citations and 112 warnings to commercial vehicle drivers during Operation Safe Driver Week July 10-16.

There were 313 commercial vehicles pulled over during the event in Canada. The most common infraction was speeding/violating basic speed laws/driving too fast for conditions. Throughout Canada and the U.S., more than 35,000 commercial vehicles were pulled over with a total of 26,164 warnings and citations handed out.

enforcement vehicle on side of road
(Photo: iStock)

Speeding was the focus of this year’s blitz. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says speeding has played a role in more than a quarter of all traffic deaths over the past decade. Transport Canada, for its part, says speeding/driving too fast was a contributor in 25.3% of fatal crashes in 2020.

The seven-day initiative is spearheaded by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA). Seatbelt usage among commercial drivers was 86.1%, but failure to wear a seatbelt was the second most issued citation category during Operation Safe Driver Week. Commercial drivers received 735 citations for seatbelt infractions.

Using a handheld device/texting/distracted driving resulted in 239 citations among commercial drivers. Transport Canada reports distracted driving was a contributing factor in 22.3% of fatal collisions in 2020.

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