Seven C.A.T. natural gas trucks destroyed in fire

A fire at C.A.T.’s Coteau du Lac yard Feb. 28 destroyed seven of its compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks, but the gas quickly dissipated avoiding further explosion and damage, the company reports.

An investigation into the blaze is underway and the cause is unknown. An additional five trucks were damaged. C.A.T. says the natural properties of CNG cause it to quickly dissipate when it has escaped the tanks.

(Photo: C.A.T.)

There is no fuel leakage, which minimizes the risk of environmental damage.

“These safety measures only reinforce why we believe CNG fuel technology is a safe, clean and efficient alternative to diesel,” the company said in a statement. “Drivers can be confident that the technology attributed to this type of fuel will protect them in the worst situations.”

The company says it doesn’t anticipate any impact on its operations as a result of the fire.

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