PMTC Canadian private fleet benchmarking survey opens

The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) announced the seventh annual PMTC Canadian private fleet benchmarking survey is open for all private fleets which have a base of operations in Canada. PMTC membership is not a requirement.

“For the last six years the PMTC has partnered with the National Private Truck Council and re-introduced the first Canadian specific private benchmarking survey reports since 2011,” said PMTC president Mike Millian.

The survey, sponsored by Ontario Truck Driving School, is designed for the benefit of PMTC members, and its results will only be provided, at no charge, with PMTC membership. The first 25 fleets to complete the survey will receive a 10% discount on the PMTC membership fee.

Carriers have until April 30 to submit their responses. The report will be released by the end of July, and an overview will be provided at the PMTC’s annual conference on June 22.

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