PEI clarifies Covid-19 restrictions for non-resident truck drivers

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is reporting updates to Prince Edward Island (PEI) Covid-19 measures that affect non-resident truck drivers.

The requirements are among a series of measures announced on April 19 and running until May 17.

Truck drivers who live outside the province will be required to self-isolate as much as possible when in P.E.I., avoiding public areas, grocery stores and retail outlets, the CTA reports. If in the province for longer than 24 hours and staying somewhere other than a truck, the must apply for pre-travel approval.

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Truck drivers who live in P.E.I. don’t have to self isolate in the province after they receive their first negative Covid-19 test if they are registered as rotational workers and continue testing at the required frequencies.

Pre-departure tests or testing in P.E.I. are not required for the non-resident truck drivers as long as they follow contactless loading and unloading procedures.

Those who develop Covid-19 symptoms at any time are required to self isolate and be tested at a drop-in center.

A testing clinic is located at 20 Dickie Road in Borden from 8 am to 4 pm. Appointments can be scheduled at specific locations by calling 855-354-4358.

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