New Brunswick approves 60-ft. extended semitrailers

Sixty-foot extended semitrailers will soon be allowed to run across New Brunswick, as the province updates its long combination vehicle (LCV) guidelines.

“One more piece of red tape has been removed, harmonizing LCV regulations across the region,” Chris McKee, executive director of Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association (APTA), told

Walmart has deployed a 60-foot trailer between Windsor and Mississauga in Ontario. (File photo: Walmart Canada)

“Some carriers are very eager for this and very pleased this will be happening. The four provinces in our region are tied to each other in terms of inter-provincial trade. It is ridiculous that we had these hinderances,” he added.

While the guidelines were updated effective April 24, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure staff are now working to update the permitting system to reflect this change, according to an APTA news release.  Carriers should be able to apply for 60-foot permits in about one month.

LCV holiday restrictions removed

The New Brunswick government has also removed the three remaining holiday restrictions from its LCV guidelines. They can now run on Canada Day in July, New Brunswick Day in August, and Labor Day in September.

“This is great news for our carriers and helps level the playing field with other provinces over restrictions and allows better movement of trucks between jurisdictions,” McKee said.

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