Musket Transport funds A/Z scholarships for 25 Ukrainian newcomers

Musket Transport is funding an A/Z scholarship program for Ukrainian newcomers in the Greater Toronto Area.

Instructors from Commercial Heavy Equipment Training will provide training. A Musket Transport official told that the Mississauga, Ont.-based company is hoping to train up to 25 Ukrainians to become professional truck drivers.

The first student, Sergey, is currently undergoing training.

Student training on a driving simulator
Ukrainian newcomer Sergey trains on a simulator at Commercial Heavy Equipment Training in Mississauga, Ont. (Photo: Musket Transport)

After completing training and a successful road test, graduates will have an opportunity to apply to work at Musket Transport.

Applicants must have an English as a second language (ESL) Level 6+, should be at least 18 years old and have an Ontario G licence. If the applicant is currently enrolled in ESL classes and undergoing testing for the G licence, they may still apply for a scholarship.

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