Musket Transport drivers, CHET students to be trained in financial literacy

Truck drivers at Musket Transport and students at affiliated driving school Commercial Heavy Equipment Training (CHET) will learn how to invest, save, and utilize their hard-earned money.

The Mississauga, Ont.-based transport company and truck driver training school are partnering with Enriched Academy to add financial educational videos, tools, and platforms to CHET’s training curriculum.

Student backing a CHET truck
An instructor directs a student driver into a backing spot at CHET driving school in Mississauga, Ont. (Photo: Leo Barros)

“We have students coming from a minimum-wage career and they are going to start doing a job where they can earn a lot of money and may not know how to manage it,” CHET operations manager Sandra Graham told

“It’s great for their families too, because when they are on the road the whole family can manage their money,” she added.

“Our key demographic at CHET are youth and newcomers to Canada. Having financial literacy is crucial,” said Sophia Sniegowski, corporate communications officer for Musket Transport. “Financial literacy is a key component to building a successful career and one that is not traditionally included in truck training.”

Lifetime access

Graham said 200 CHET students, staff members and Musket Transport drivers will receive full lifetime access to the Enriched Academy platform and resources, from March 1. CHET students will do four modules at school and the remainder on their own.

“I want my students to be able to handle their money successfully, to better the future for themselves and their families,” Graham said. “They have invested a good deal for their education, and with the Enriched Academy program they can learn to pay off their loans with ease.”

The course offers information that includes understanding credit, managing student loans, stock market investments, TFSA and RRSP information, investment properties, and retirement planning.

“I wish I had this kind of training when I started out,” Graham said.

“Enriched Academy is very excited to be working with CHET and Musket Transport and helping them to add these critical financial life skills to their training programs,” Desmond O’Dell, regional director of education for Enriched Academy said in a news release.

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