Manitoba offering more funding for green truck technologies

Manitoba has opened the second round of applications for grants towards heavy truck fuel-saving technologies and retrofits.

“One-third of greenhouse-gas emissions in our province comes from the transportation sector, so we work closely with our important partners in this industry in the effort to reduce them,” said Conservation and Climate Minister, Sarah Guillemard. “We have had great partnerships with the transportation sector and we look forward to increasing the advantages for this industry to assist us in meeting our emission targets.”

Freight Wing's new composite trailer skirts provide significant fuel savings, the company claims.
(Photo: Freight Wing)

Manitoba’s Efficient Trucking Program offers rebates of up to 50% on fuel-saving equipment, such as idling technologies, low rolling resistance tires and trailer skirts. A maximum rebate of $20,000 per truck and trailer combination can be claimed.

The province invested $5.9 million into the program, which the feds matched through Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund.

“The Manitoba Trucking Association is pleased to see this program continue and allow more operators to take part in the initiative,” said Terry Shaw, executive director, Manitoba Trucking Association. “The transportation industry is a vital part of the supply chain, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, and we are eager to partner on industry-approved efforts to increase fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.”

Applications for funding can be found here.

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