Manitoba fleets eligible for more rebates

Manitoba fleets can once again apply for rebates on fuel-saving technologies and retrofits through the Efficient Trucking Program.

“We continue to work toward the goal of GHG reduction and the transportation sector is an important partner in that effort,” said Manitoba Conservation and Climate Minister, Sarah Guillemard. “Our government is pleased to continue offering these incentives for the industry to save money and to reduce emissions.”

AeroFlex side fairings
(Photo: Freight Wing)

The province anticipates the program reduces 25.9 million liters of fuel consumption over the life of the program. The most recent funding round ended March 31, with $3.6 million returned to participating fleets.

The rebates cover up to 50% of the cost of fuel-saving devices, such as low rolling resistance tires, trailer skirts and idle-reduction technologies.

Applicants can apply at or visit to find more information.

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