Lion Electric adds Class 5 truck to lineup

A new battery-electric truck is coming to the market, and the heart of this Lion will be born in Mirabel, Que.

The Lion5’s proprietary 800-volt LionBattery packs will be assembled at the OEM’s recently inaugurated battery plant in the city.

Featuring a maximum gross combined weight rating of up to 30,000 lb., the Class 5 truck (able to cross into Class 6) will carry a payload of up to 12,500 lb. over a maximum driving range of 200 miles (320 km). And the batteries can be recharged up to 80% in 1.5 hours.

Lion Electric battery
The heart of the Lion5 is its 800-volt battery pack. (Photo: John G. Smith)

“Fifteen years ago we flipped a switch and went all in on empowering a zero-emissions future for all of us – for our kids and our society as well,” said CEO and founder Marc Bedard. “We’re doing it our own way and we feel this is the right way. Not only are our vehicles custom for electric, but the whole business model is also made for electric.”

Features of the low-cab-forward design are not limited to the battery alone. The 96-inch-wide cab’s optional cutaway configuration offers a clear path into a suitably upfitted body, Lion Electric says.

Lion Electric CEO Marc Bedard
Lion Electric CEO Marc Bedard watches as a team unveils the Lion5 at the ACT Expo in California. (Photo: John G. Smith)

Power and safety

The powertrain itself delivers 315 hp and 2,360 lb.-ft. of torque.

Underneath, an adaptive auto-leveling four-wheel independent suspension comes standard on select models, and an added sense of control will come via electronic stability control, traction control, hill start assist, and a limited slip differential.

Safety-related considerations don’t end there. Steps are cut into the cab in a way that ensures they’re clearly visible when the doors are open, the OEM notes. Variants with an adaptive independent suspension can also be programmed to lower three inches when the cab door is opened – a feature that will be valuable in an application like an ambulance, to ease loading.

Body builders who prepare the truck for work will have access to 4 kW low-voltage power and up to 32 kW of high-voltage power when tapping into an optional ePTO interface. And upfitters will be able to choose from multiple battery placements, the OEM adds.

“The design and performance of this innovative all-electric truck is sure to redefine how our customers answer their commercial fleet needs,” said Brian Piern, Lion Electric’s chief commercial officer.

Support will include LionEnergy charging infrastructure, proprietary LionBeat telematics, LionCapital Solutions financing and LionGrants assistance, as well as training for drivers and maintenance teams from Lion’s BrightSquad.

Production is scheduled to begin before the fourth quarter.

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