Kupar completes business transition from driver leasing

TruckRight founders Dirk and Lisa Kupar have finished winding down their driver leasing company Kupar, having employed more than 2,500 drivers in the U.S. and Canada.

Their business is now focused on professional driver recruiting and compliance services rather than driver leasing.

Lisa and Dirk Kupar
Lisa and Dirk Kupar (Photo: Supplied)

“Over the past three decades, we’ve had the honor of employing more than 2,500 truck drivers,” says Dirk Kupar, co-founder and president.

“We’d like to thank every single one of them, from our first driver Marlow B. to our last driver Todd S., along with all the carriers we’ve worked with along the way. We’re so grateful to have come across so many wonderful people, and to have forged so many lasting friendships.”

The business transition was completed in December.

“We wanted to ensure safe landings for our entire driving team. To us, shifting the focus of the business put the responsibility on us to make sure their career trajectories continued uninterrupted,” Kupar said.

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