Impirica hires Boehler as brand ambassador

Transportation safety professional Tom Boehler has joined Impirica – provider of risk assessments – as a brand ambassador.

Boehler brings more than 20 years of experience in transportation safety and has been a supporter of Impirica’s solution, ExceleRATE, which he used first-hand in his role as senior director of safety and compliance at Erb Group of Companies.

Picture of Tom Boehler
Tom Boehler (Photo: Erb Transport)

Boehler started as a professional truck driver, and he became a driver trainer for Erb Transport in 1997. He was the senior director of safety and compliance for Erb since 2002. In 2021, and was awarded the Truckload Carriers Safety Professional of the Year — Clare C. Casey Award.

In 2021, Boehler partnered with Impirica and implemented ExceleRATE across Erb’s network of terminals.

“Tom is a respected member of the transportation industry, and we are certainly proud to have him join the Impirica team as a brand ambassador,” said PJ Barclay, CEO of Impirica. “His support for ExceleRATE and his extensive knowledge and experience in transportation safety and compliance will be invaluable as we continue to grow and expand our operations.”

Boehler will represent Impirica in various capacities, including attending industry events, speaking engagements, and marketing initiatives. He will also work with the Impirica team to support with product review and development based on industry requirements.

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