Hydra, Chemtrade promise low-cost hydrogen for fleets

Hydra Energy Partners is joining forces with a Chemtrade plant in British Columbia to offer commercial truck fleets access to hydrogen at a lower price than diesel.

Hydra is offering the fuel as a service, and is responsible for capturing, cleaning, and compressing the hydrogen for fuel cell-powered vehicles. It also says it will install hydrogen-diesel conversion kits for existing trucks at no cost to fleets.

(Illustration: istock)

The company says the fuel pricing will be set at 5% below the cost of diesel.

Referred to specifically as “green hydrogen”, the Hydra Energy fuel is hydrogen gas that’s vented as a byproduct from manufacturing.

“Hydra enables a rapid and affordable transition to cleaner trucking by turning one’s waste into another’s valuable resource. According to a report by Navius Research, Hydra’s model can be expanded to power tens of thousands of trucks and reduce emissions up to six megatons per year in Canada alone,” said Jessica Verhagen, COO of Hydra Energy.

“That compares to the same amount of greenhouse gas reductions that the Canadian government forecasts for electric vehicle adoption by 2030.”

The project is scheduled to break ground this year, with fueling to begin in 2022.

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