Graves wins TTSAO’s Instructor of the Year award

Doug Graves, a professional driver since 1970, has won the TTSAO/Tenstreet Instructor of the Year award.

Graves, a commercial truck driving instructor at Zavcor Training Academy in Stevensville, Ont., has a clean driving record and has never been in an accident.

“Being nominated was an honor,” he said after receiving his award at the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario’s sixth annual conference in Brampton, Ont., on July 27.

Doug Graves receives his award
Dough Graves was named Instructor of the Year. (Photo: Leo Barros)

In 2014, Graves joined Zavcor Trucking as a professional driver, and became an instructor at Zavcor Training Academy in 2017.

“I’ve seen a lot of bad drivers – not just cars, but trucks on the road,” Graves said. “My goal is to ensure that the next generation entering the field is safe – not only for themselves, to get home to their families, but for other road users.”

Bill Lipsit, director of Zavcor Training Academy said in a news release, “When it comes to classroom training, he’s the best. He has so many great stories to share about the industry, and the students really learn from him.”

TTSAO also honored Mike Millian, president of Private Motor Truck Council of Canada with the Tenstreet President’s Award, and Caroline Blais, recruiting manager at Kriska Holdings with the Industry Award.    

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