Goodyear hits milestone with tire management programs

Goodyear says nearly 4 million tires were inspected through its tire management program last year.

Its tire management programs include Tire Optix, Goodyear TPMS Plus, and Goodyear CheckPoint, which monitor conditions like tire pressure, temperature and tread wear. They were relaunched as a collective offering called Goodyear Complete Tire Management last February.

(Photo: Goodyear)

“As professional truck drivers work overtime amid Covid-19 to keep the supply chain moving, fleets have depended on Goodyear’s Complete Tire Management to protect their tire investments and keep drivers on the road, safely,” said Johnny McIntosh, Goodyear’s director, integrated solutions and tire management.

“Goodyear Complete Tire Management has identified nearly 400,000 potential tire issues like underinflation or worn tread in its flagship year, helping fleets quickly address areas of concern before they lead to larger problems like irregular tire wear or damage. These services have saved fleets both time and money.”

Goodyear CheckPoint is a drive-over reader device that provides automated inspections of tire pressure and tread depth. Goodyear TPMS Plus is an on-vehicle active monitoring system that measures tire conditions in real-time. And Tire Optix is a digital inspection toolset that helps fleets monitor tire pressure, tread depth and tire wear, providing real-time alerts and detailed inspection results.

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