Funding for Transit Innovators: TRB Accepting Proposals for 2021 Transit IDEA Funding Cycles through May 1

TRB is accepting proposals for the 2021 Transit Innovations Deserving Exploratory Analysis (IDEA) program, which supports the development and testing of unproven, innovative concepts and methods for advancing public transit practice. The deadline for submitting proposals is May 1, 2021.

The IDEA Program Announcement includes instructions for preparing and submitting an IDEA proposal along with details about the program. The Transit IDEA program provides funding at an early stage of the development process for promising but unproven, innovative concepts and methods. Proposals are permitted up to $100,000 in IDEA funds. The Transit IDEA program seeks innovations that improve the efficiency, safety, security, maintenance, and ridership of public transit systems.

This Summary Last Modified On: 1/6/2021

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