Frequently Asked Questions for TRB Webinar Registrations

  • How can I register for TRB webinars?

You should go to MyTRB and create your personal profile. You will then be able to register. You must have an account in MyTRB before registering for webinars. You will not be able to register for webinars after they have started.

  • I have registered for a webinar but cannot access it.

Find the email from GoToWebinar that gives you the access instructions, including the call-in number and access code. If this information does not work, contact the MyTRB helpdesk. If you do not see the email from GoToWebinar, make sure your company allows emails from GoToWebinar so that you can receive it for future TRB webinars.

  • I have been set up to attend a webinar for free, but when I register for it, I am being asked for a payment.

Double check that you have entered your email address correctly. The system is coded for specific domains. If your email address is correct and you are still being asked for a payment, contact the MyTRB helpdesk

  • How do I register someone else for a webinar?

You can register as many people as you would like when registering for a webinar, but only the person who registers and attends is eligible for PDH credits. Therefore, TRB recommends that people register individually to receive credits. However, if you would like to register multiple people at once, go to the Registration Tab in the Blue Options Bar and fill in your registration information, then click on “Buy Another Seat.” You can put in as many names as you’d like. Certain registrants would have to pay for the webinar, depending on their email domain.

  • I am a member of the media and would like free access to the webinar.

Contact the TRB staff person listed at the bottom of the online description of the webinar. After verifying your press credentials, the staff person will set you up for free registration.

  • I attended a webinar but don’t see my credits in RCEP.

There are multiple reasons why this may occur.

  1. The webinar did not offer PDH credits. Check the description to verify that it did. If this webinar offered AICP credits, those are self-reported. You can go to the APA website and follow the instructions to report your credits.
  2. You registered under a different person’s name. Only the person who registers and attends is eligible for credits.
  3. You did not attend the webinar for long enough. You must attend the entire webinar to be eligible for credits.
  4. The system listed you as not attended by mistake. If you think this may have happened, contact the TRB staff person in charge of the webinar.
  • I am unable to pay online and would like to pay by purchase order.

Submit your registration and select PO as the method of payment. TRB staff will review the PO and reach out to you whether it has been approved or not. POs from yahoo or gmail addresses will not be accepted. If you would prefer to pay with a credit card offline, contact TRB staff.

  • How can I get a copy of my PDH certificate?

You should follow these instructions to retrieve a copy of your certificate:
On the Right Hand side of, enter your user name (which is your email address) and password. Or, you may select “Forgot Password” after entering your user name. For directions on printing your certificate, refer to this guide:

  • Before the pandemic, we could assemble in a room and view TRB webinars. is it possible to register only once to a webinar, and share the screen and audio to the other participants using the Microsoft Teams application on a PC?

TRB does not promote or sanction the sharing of any registrant’s sign-in information. We understand the hardships the current situation has placed on most of us. You may share the recording with others in your organization after the webinar, but they would not be eligible for credits unless they register and view the live webinar.

This Summary Last Modified On: 5/4/2021

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