CTA makes pre-budget submissions to feds

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has submitted its wish list to the federal government in pre-budget submissions.

It says its recommendations will help secure Canada’s supply chain.

Canadian flag waving with Parliament Buildings hill and Library in the background
(Photo: iStock)

Among its requests, the CTA would like to see: institutionalized training funding for the trucking industry; Driver Inc. enforcement on both labor and tax evasion abuses; actioning Supply Chain Task Force recommendations; an Environmental Action Plan for trucking; investment in border programs and technologies; and rest stop investments along the Trans-Canada Highway.

“CTA has outlined a plan for continued collaboration between our industry and Ottawa, which will build upon the progress we are making to strengthen our sector and, by extension, the entire supply chain that relies on the trucking industry’s critical services,” said CTA chairman Greg Munden.

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