Class 8 orders rebounded in August

Class 8 orders bounced back to 21,600 units in August, according to preliminary data from ACT Research.

“Last month, we sounded a note of caution, with the caveat that there were a number of mitigating factors [extended backlogs, order seasonality, and still-closed 2023 order boards] that prevented us from extrapolating too much from July’s weak orders,” said Eric Crawford, ACT’s vice-president and senior analyst.

“In spite of increased economic uncertainty, carrier profitability and unmet demand continue to support activity.”

Classes 5-7 orders totaled 18,400 units. ACT expects both Class 8 and Classes 5-7 backlogs to shorten when complete August data are released.

Navistar truck wheel
Workers install a brake drum on a vehicle as it takes shape on Navistar’s assembly line in San Antonio, Texas. (Photo: Navistar)

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