Canadian spot market up 13% in August: Loadlink

Canadian spot market volumes rose slightly in August, increasing 13% from July, now only down 4% year over year, Loadlink Technologies reported.

August’s truck-to-load ratio was 3.48, just over 16% higher than the ratio of 2.98 in August 2021. The truck-to-load ratio declined marginally from 3.51 last month.

Loadlink volumes dashboard for Aug. 2022
(Photo: Loadlink Technologies)

Truckloads shipping across the border from Canada to the U.S. rose by 12% from last month, representing a 23% decline from this time last year. Equipment postings were up 19% year over year, increasing 12% from July.

Inbound loads fell 32% compared to last month, though are up 6% compared to last August. Equipment postings were up by 8% year over year and 29% from July.

Freight activity within Canada has seen a 13% dip from July, though loads within Canada are still 8% greater than this time last year.

Image of Canadian trucks and loads index
(Photo: Loadlink Technologies)

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