Calgary inspection blitz yields poor results

CALGARY, Alta. – Only 22 of 158 commercial vehicle inspected by Calgary Police Service and Alberta Sheriffs passed inspections during a three-day blitz Sept. 22-24.

The inspections were both random and targeted, Calgary Police told Today’s Trucking. A total of 99 units were placed out of service, 37 required attention and 112 violation tickets were written.

Among the most egregious violations were: a driver operating a Class 8 truck without a supervisor and without the appropriate licence; a vehicle with cracked rotors; a truck with 75% of its brakes out of adjustment; broken leaf springs; and numerous vehicles heavily overloaded.

“Commercial vehicles make up a significant portion of our traffic every day,” said Sgt. Colin Foster. “We need them for efficient transportation of goods and services. These vehicles and their drivers need to be roadworthy and prepared to ensure the safety of all road users. We strongly encourage all businesses to ensure their fleets are well maintained.”

Cracked rotors were among the issues uncovered during the blitz. (Photo: Calgary Police Service)

On Sept. 22, the inspections occurred at Glenmore Trail between 52nd and 68th Streets, where 70% of the 59 vehicles were placed out of service and only 10% passed.

On Sept. 23, inspectors were ta 52nd St. and Peigan Trail Southeast, where they inspected 61 commercial vehicles, placing half out of service and passing 19%.

The final day of the blitz saw inspectors at Barlow Trail and 106th Ave. Southeast, where 38 inspections took place, 71% were placed out of service and 11% passed.

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