Bridgestone, Pilot team up on tire monitoring service

Bridgestone Americas and Pilot Company are collaborating on an advanced tire monitoring and service network for commercial fleets at 200 Pilot and Flying J locations in the U.S. this summer.

Bridgestone’s IntelliTire routers will be installed in fuel canopies, transmitting tire data in two minutes or less from trucks to fleet managers, according to a news release.

Fleets using this technology will have access to data such as tire inflation pressure and temperature, enabling them to continually monitor the health of each tire throughout its lifecycle.

Pilot and Bridgestone are starting a fleet tire monitoring service
Pilot Company and Bridgestone are rolling out a fleet tire monitoring and service network at 200 Pilot and Flying J travel centers. (Photo: Supplied)

Fleets can utilize the Bridgestone service event management application Reach, to make preventive maintenance, roadside assistance, and other vehicle service requests simpler and more efficient by connecting drivers, fleet dispatch, service centers, and technicians under one digital platform.

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