Bendix plant to expand Mexico operation

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has begun to construct a 185,000-square-foot production facility at its operation in Acuna, Mexico. The plant will use automated manufacturing processes to produce two emerging, next-generation technologies — global scalable brake control (GSBC) and global scalable air treatment (GSAT).

The facility, which joins three other manufacturing plants and a logistics center on the Acuna campus, is the latest step in the ongoing expansion of the operation. Initial occupancy is slated for November 2023.

GSBC and GSAT are designed to be adapted to customer needs in various markets. The systems’ capabilities and diagnostics enable the groundwork for automated driving. The company will hire an estimated 200 employees for the plant, bringing the Acuna workforce to approximately 2,000 people. The new lines will begin production on a staggered, multiyear schedule commencing in 2023.

Picture of planned Bendix plant in Acuna, Mexico.
(Photo: Bendix)

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