AMTA orders Nikola Tre battery-electric, and hydrogen fuel cell trucks for demonstrations

The Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) is taking delivery of two Nikola trucks for demonstrations in the province as part of its Hydrogen Commercial Vehicle Demonstrations Project.

The trucks include a Nikola Tre battery-electric vehicle as well as a hydrogen-fuel-cell-electric version, along with mobile fueling equipment. The AMTA will offer carriers in the province access to the emerging technologies, and will validate the equipment on real-world loads and routes.

Nikola Tre BEV
(Photo: Nikola)

“AMTA is a leader in helping Canada reach its 2050 net-zero goals and supports the widespread adoption of zero-emissions commercial vehicles,” says Doug Paisley, board chairman, AMTA. “We are excited to put these Nikola trucks to work in Alberta and begin collecting performance data, raising awareness to this advanced technology, promoting early adoption, and creating industry confidence in such an innovative technology. AMTA works closely with the industry and its many partners to identify and research opportunities and propose and implement data-driven solutions that meet the needs and challenges of our industry.”

The Tre BEV is expected to be delivered this week, with the hydrogen truck arriving by the end of this year .

“Canada is moving fast to decarbonize the transportation sector by removing diesel trucks from the road to help the environment,” says Michael Lohscheller, president and CEO, Nikola Corporation. “We want Nikola to be in lockstep with leaders like AMTA to accelerate these important market adoption and regulatory policies.”

“Canada is a global climate leader with bold targets for emission reductions,” added Carey Mendes, president, Nikola Energy. “Nikola’s zero-emissions trucks and its plans for building hydrogen infrastructure are aligned with Canada’s goals and underpins a fair share our publicly announced plans for 300 metric-tons of hydrogen supply, with 60 hydrogen stations planned for across North America by 2026. This partnership is just the beginning of bringing hundreds of FCEVs to Alberta and Canada.”

Range of the Tre BEV is expected to be about 530 km, while the hydrogen truck will be able to go about 800 km between fueling. More info on the AMTA demonstrations can be found here.

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