AMTA launches hydrogen commercial vehicle demonstrations

The Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA)-led Commercial Vehicle Demonstrations Project was launched Feb. 10 in Edmonton.

The project will provide commercial carriers with opportunities to use and test Class 8 hydrogen-fueled trucks within their business operations.

Picture of a truck
(Photo: AMTA)

Over the two-year project, these trials will collect and evaluate data concerning the performance of hydrogen-fueled vehicles on Alberta roads, payloads, and weather conditions. It will also address challenges around fuel cell reliability, infrastructure, and vehicle cost and maintenance, the association says.

“AMTA is pleased to lead this project, which introduces this innovative technology to our carriers in a low-risk and cost-effective way. This project will help Canada reach its 2050 net-zero goals and support the widespread adoption of zero-emission commercial vehicles,” said Doug Paisley, AMTA board chairman.

Hydra Energy, Hyzon and Nikola are the hydrogen trucking providers for this demo project.

Hydra’s first Alberta commercial fleet customer, VEXSL, showed the world’s first hydrogen-converted armored vehicle at the launch event.

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