7 things millennials want from trucking employers

Millennials were born between the early ‘80s and late ‘90s, and with more than 10 million of them in Canada they represent a vital labor pool for the trucking industry.

They also present unique interests and needs. Here are seven things to consider when looking to recruit and retain employees in this all-important demographic group.

millennial-aged truck driver
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1. Empathy and open-mindedness

David Coletto, CEO of Abacus Data, is a millennial himself. He suggests employers should put themselves in the shoes of other people who are not like them, who don’t have the same experience, did not have the same opportunities, or don’t look at the world through the same eyes.

2. Opportunities to advance

Millennial workers are looking for jobs in which they can learn and advance. In doing so, they’re also looking at the qualities of managers who will support this.

3. More than a salary

A survey by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) points out that while millennials are partially motivated by pay, the majority feel that other factors are as important — or even more important — when it comes to joining or staying with a trucking company.

“They are more attracted to the things that money will empower them to do than the amount of money itself,” Coletto adds.

4. Fleet transparency and culture

The same ATRI survey found that company culture is important to 84% of young drivers. And they were found to be more likely to pursue trucking jobs when fleets produce transparent marketing materials that highlight younger employees and career paths.

Many young drivers also said they dislike cutthroat environments and prefer collaborative environments in which managers, dispatchers, and fellow drivers see themselves as part of the same team.

5. Ongoing and frequent feedback

Millennials are looking for opportunities to advance. But when it comes to the related feedback, they prefer short, personalized and frequent meetings in addition to traditional evaluations.

6. Benefits packages

According to an Ipsos-Reid survey, 73% of Canadians aged 18-34 — and 69% of those aged 35-44 — are significantly more likely to change employers to secure a better benefits package. Mental health support tops the list of expectations, with 61% saying their overall wellbeing has declined in the past year, while 58% say their mental health has suffered in recent months.

7. Flexible work arrangements

Trucking HR Canada’s Millennials Have Drive report notes that millennials enjoy flexible work arrangements, and the trend is becoming increasingly popular among all demographic groups. Those arrangements can take the form of part-time work, flexible hours, or the ability to choose routes.

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