25 Volvo dealers now EV-certified

Volvo Trucks North American (VTNA) is celebrating a milestone as its 25th dealer has achieved electric vehicle certification.

EV-certified dealers can sell and support VNR Electric trucks, having achieved high levels of training and facility investments.

Volvo VNR Electric
(Photo: VTNA)

“Volvo Trucks is leading the deployment of Class 8 battery-electric trucks across North America by collaborating with our dealer network to provide customers comprehensive sales and service support,” said Peter Voorhoeve, president, VTNA. “Selling the truck is only part of the equation; it takes an entire support ecosystem to successfully transition to battery-electric trucks. Without our dealer partners, accelerating the shift towards the widespread commercial adoption of electric vehicles would not be possible.” 

The 25 certified dealers are based in 15 states and three provinces (B.C., Ontario and Quebec).

Sales teams at certified dealers can offer fleets help in obtaining grants, tools to plan routes, total cost of ownership calculations, and charging hardware.

“The first 25 dealership locations were the early movers who chose to invest in the certification process so they are prepared to support customers in their region that are interested in deploying battery-electric trucks,” said Voorhoeve. “Volvo Trucks supports our dealers and customers by continuously investing in solutions, tools and infrastructure to support widescale deployment, including the development of a nationwide network of publicly accessible medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicle charging stations strategically located along major transportation corridors and near Volvo Trucks Certified EV dealerships.”  

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